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Roger D. Paschal


In the beginning

Roger was raised on a 4,000-acre cattle ranch in central Texas where the Chisholm trail crossed the Brazos river.

Roger and his brother started an auto parts distribution and manufacturing business out of their garage when he was only 16 years old. The business grew to 5 locations in 4 states and was one of the fastest growing exporters in north Texas in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Continued below…

Roger D. Paschal

"I really didn’t want to leave Saturday after the Sub 2 class! It was so good and thank you for all the hard work and content! It looks like we have a lot of people in common. I was speaking with a church friend this weekend and she thinks you are the bee’s knees ... You’ve got some great people surrounding you and it’s refreshing to see the Go-giver mindset working."

Partnerships take hold

Many years ago, Roger was encouraged by his clients to start mentoring and training. Finally in 2018, Roger and his partners started a full service REI company that trains the trainers from starting up an investment group as well as a full service mentoring program that coaches others around the world. Impact has continued to grow and impact the lives of many Investors.

He teaches this technique to many REI groups and on a one on one mentoring program to many investors. As a result, he has helped many investors buy hundreds, if not thousands of properties throughout the United States. Roger is very creative when working with challenging properties.

"Great Training Thank you for allowing us to participate in your content rich training on Subject 2. Training pace was perfect and Roger’s jokes kept us awake. Back home now getting my head around what just happened."


Roger teaches his technique through humor and facts. His primary goals are to help the investor understand each step of the process, coaches his students to discover their strengths and make them better investors.

"Yesterday on the Q&A when you were talking about playing hard. I was going to tell everyone that I built a 3600 sq ft building for storing my toys. My wife and I go play a lot and we have a lot of toys too. Real estate has been good to us. This year has been amazing and I really don't know how to tell people. 100k liquid cash 90 days after training was complete, closed 10 houses this year and built a 60x60 toy storage and added a jeep and a car to the 10 I already have. Just telling you it sounds amazing to me. "

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